Need Help Wiring Neopixel to Arduino Uno

Wired everything correctly but still won't work. Have uno selected in port, usb is definitely plugged in, but nothing. Maybe somebody will notice something wrong with my wiring.

are you trying to create a short circuit with your screwdriver ?

A photo is not really a good electronic schema...

There are several types of LED strip. It would be helpful if you could tell us which exact strip that you have. We cannot see the power supply of the strip. What are the specifications of the power supply?

I do not see how the ground of the strip power supply is connected to the strip.

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I don't see any power to the LED strip.

Placing a screwdriver (or anything metal) across an electrical circuit is going to result in damage to something.

It looks, to me, like the power for the strip is coming from the 5V (or USB when plugged in) of the Uno. The brown wire that goes off screen to the red wire of the strip?

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DO NOT assume that the red and black wires are for power and ground, and that white is for the control signal. It looks like the connector only has two wires, white and black, those are likely for power. Really need a close up view of any labeling on the LED strip to know for sure.

You cannot power that many LEDs off the 5v pin of an arduino, unless you are never going to turn on more than five or size at any one time, and even that can be questionable at full brightness.

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probably worth waiting for @deawww to provide more information...

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It's a 6m led strip from arduino. It has 4 wires coming from both ends. One black for gnd, one red for power, and one white for control but for some reason another black wire is coupled with the control wire... The usb is plugged straight into the tower for my computer so that's how I get power. I know it's not a problem with the code and I connected everything to the end the arrows are pointing to. I connected the red wire from the strip to a brown jumper cable that goes to the 5v pin. Then the ground wire from the strip is in one of the GND pins, and the din labeled wire coming from the strip is connected with a 300 ohm resistor to the 6th pin.

I checked and the red and black coming from the strip are appropriately labeled, the white and black you are referring to is the din (white) and gnd (black). I'm not sure why the strip is wired this way but sobeit. And the arduino was getting power from my computer as well, not just the 5v.

Power is connected via the red wire from the strip to brown jumper to 5v and the uno itself is plugged in via usb

That is because you need a ground return for the data separate from the power connections. The two should only connect in common at the LED strip itself.

Now these NeoPixels draw about 1 mA each even even when dark, so 300 of them would draw an absolute minimum of about 300 mA. Not appropriate at all to power from USB.

OK if you did that then you have connected it to the wrong end. The arrows indicate signal flow and you should connect it to the end so the arrows flow away from the Arduino.

I have to say that resistor has a stupidly large wattage.