Need help with 3.2inch TFT screen

Hello everybody,

I’m working on a 3d-printer that runs on a arduino, everything works. There’s only one thing I miss.
In illustrator I created a home screen for a 480x320px TFT screen. The idea is in the attachments. I’m not very experienced with arduino and the UTFT library 'cause I cant get it to work properly myself. I’m searching for someone helping me with developing my TFT menu! React if you would (and can) help me.

Thank you very much!

Useful data:
I want to run the program on a Arduino Mega 2560
I have a HX8357C 3.2’ TFT screen
It is not a touch screen!

I want this project to be open source, for everyone available!

Useful data:
UTFT does not support the HX8357-C
TFT_HX8357 library from Bodmer does support HX8357-C