Need Help with a 3 button program

Hi, can someone help me to create a program with 3 buttons and 3 leds?
FIrst button if pressed will turn on the first led
Second button if pressed will make the second led Blink
Third button if pressed will make the third led fade...

I am a beginner and this should be easy but i am only failig at the moment



void loop()
   if (read_button_1 == is_pressed) {

    if (read_button_2 == is_pressed) {
    if (read_button_3 == is_pressed) {

   //rest of code here


Show us your attempt at doing this, use code tags see the </> button in the posting menu

You should define all the things that should happen.
example: if you push the 1st button a second time, what is supposed to happen etc.

What is this for?

The demo Several Things at a Time includes code for 3 leds. It should give you some ideas