Need help with a few questions getting started

I'm totally new to the whole business of microcontrollers, and I decided that a Duemilanove would be a good first board for me to try. I need someone to basically talk to me like I'm 3 years old though on a few things, as I'm fairly clueless. I don't want to just have it hooked up to a wall charger or my computer forever, so I want to know how exactly I can power it and what I should use. A basic list of supplies I'd need and information on how to get it up and running with 2 servo motors would be massively appreciated :)

I bet you can buy a 9v battery clip at radio shack, and and a 9v battery, and hook it up the red wire to the VIN on the board, and the black to the GND next to the VIN, and this should work.

Ahhhh, alright. I was wondering about how the battery inputs worked, as I coudn't get where the negative end was going to. I'm an experienced programmer but I have almost no experience with hardware :S

me and you are in the same boat.

put the negative in the GND hole.