Need help with a project (5v .2amp fan system)

I am building a multi-fan cooling system that needs to switch on and off manually. It will be mounted inside/on a paintball helmet that has been modified to hold all the housings. Fans are 30mmx30mmx8mm (from adafruit designed for raspberry pi).

I don't need much in terms of processing I simply need to know the circuitry necessary to run 10 (5v .2 amp) fans off of a single control unit and battery pack and keep current flow to all units below 5.5v.

The fans will run in parallel (I believe) and need a battery pack. I can build the unit housing around the type and number of batteries it will require, but I'm unsure of how to best set it up to get a decent run time. Matches can be from 45-90 minutes.

I plan to use and Arduino mini if necessary, but i think i can do this with a simple circuit board.

if you can help that would be wonderful.

Hi, @raven81
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If all you want to do is turn the fans ON and OFF, what is wrong with just a switch?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Why do you need to use a processor of any kind when a simple buck or boost converter and a switch would do what you describe ?

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