Need help with a project - Paid

I am looking to hire someone for a small project.

Here is the goal:

I am going to put a small 3.5 inch LCD screen outside my office door. With a button pad I would like to trigger a looping movie clip.

The purpose of this device is, for instance, if I am in a video meeting. I could push the button the corresponds to meeting, and the screen would play a looping video clip that says "In a meeting". The reason I would like to use video loops is to prevent burn in on the screen.

Effectively I have 3 or four messages that I want to play depending on the type of meeting or project. Examples:

In meeting == Video 1
In Video Conference == Video 2
Recording == Video 3
And so on.

I have limited hardware and programming experience. I have done small projects in Arduino but my overall knowledge and skill have made it difficult for me to find the proper resources and get this going.

If this is a project you can help with please post your rates and estimated time requirements. If there is other hardware I need I will take care of that as well.

I have the following Equipment:

A simple LED for text display won't do?

A simple LED for text display won't do?

It probably would be fine, but it will be up for some time and in my experience it will burn in the screen over time.

LEDs don't burn in.

LEDs don't burn in.

Sorry I misread that. I am trying to keep the display somewhat small and readable. Do you have any displays in mind?

Get a unit with 13 segment segments, you can get them in any height (I have some from 5mm to 20cm).