NEED help with a ProMicro project

Hello… new to all of this and at 50 I wonder why Ive started… easy… SIM Racing
I have an F1 wheel for my rig… I have added 3 buttons and 1 rotary encoder… despite several attempts… I cant get it to work.
Rotary is a Left and Right 360 with a much button centre.
I have 3 momentary buttons. 2 sharing ground and then each with own +
a third is to select Neutral
but for the life of me I just cant get anything to work.


The next step is to post a circuit diagram and a full listing of your code. In the Arduino IDE, select all your code, then click the menu Edit | Copy for Forum. Paste that into your message.

on it.

code I took from the Arduino software that I was advised to use.
THEN I took the code from the project I was using as a guide…

I think Im about to get roasted lol

thanks for replying


new user cant attach… so I’m stuck

images are here

I will add code in a text document and load asap

#include <Keyboard.h>

int A; //A variable
int B; //B variable
int r = 0; //r variable

void setup() //Initial function. Performed once at the beginning
  attachInterrupt(0, STEP, CHANGE); //Contact 2-nd(interrupt0) as an interrupt Pin
  attachInterrupt(1, BUTTON, CHANGE); //Contact 3-rd(int1) as an interrupt Pin
  pinMode(4, INPUT); //Contact 4-th as input
  Serial.begin(9600); //Serial port initialization. Speed 9600

void loop() //Main function


void STEP() //Step function
  A = digitalRead(2); //Read value from 2-nd(interrupt0) Pin
  B = digitalRead(4); //Read value from 4-th Pin
  if (A != B) //Compare values
    r++; //Add 1 to the value of the variable 'r'
  } else
    r--; //Subtract 1 from the value of the variable 'r'
  Serial.println(r); //Print 'r' value

void BUTTON() //Button function
  if (digitalRead(3) == HIGH) //If signal from 3-rd Pin is HIGH
    Serial.println("Button ON"); //Print "Button ON"
  } else if (digitalRead(3) == LOW) //Else if signal from 3-rd Pin is LOW
    Serial.println("Button OFF"); //Print "Button OFF"

How to Build a Button Box - YouTube

this was the tutorial I used.