Need help with a small project.

So I'm in the process of making a small mechanical "proof-of-concept" for my upcoming exam. The system is fairly simple, and consists of two stepper motors, which I hope to drive from the Adafruit Motor shield V2, and a 5V relay which will activate a 12V DC motor hooked up to a battery. What it has to do is; drive stepper 1 x amount of resolutions, then activate the 5V relay activating the 12V DC motor, wait a couple of seconds, deactivate the relay, and drive stepper 1 x amount the other way, it then has to drive stepper 2 a couple of resolutions. All of this should then be looped a couple of times.

As I'm very new to programming, I would love some help with the code, however I hope, due to the fairly simple movements, that it will be easy to do.

EDIT: The stepper 2 might become a servo, if that makes anything easier.

What's your problem?

Start with making the motors turn, one by one, to get familiar with the libraries.

As it is an exam of YOUR work, come up with the basic program and ask for assistance on any problems encountered.


AFAIK the motor shield can only run a single stepper motor (or two DC motors). In any case it is a very poor choice for driving stepper motors. Have a look at stepper motor basics.