Need help with adapter and motor


I am new at this stuff,

Can I connect a 6V 200mA motor to a 6V 1000ma ac adapter?
On the website it says Max Amps = 1000mA does thath mean thath if I connect it to the motor it will only use 200mA instead of 1000mA? Because I guess if it uses 1000mA it will destroy the motor no?

Electronic and electric components only draw the current that the need - assuming the voltage is correct. Having a power supply that can provide more amps than are needed is a good idea as it means the power supply is not overloaded.


Yes, you can do as you want to do. The motor will take what it needs from the power supply. Power supplies are rated for the maximum current they can supply, whatever you connect takes the current it needs.

At some point you will need to understand Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's circuit laws
These laws are fundamental to all electrical circuits and if you learn them a lot of the mysteries of electricity will become clear. In many cases applying both laws to a circuit will provide whatever answer you are looking for.

Thank you guys you really helped me out!!