Need help with Anduino Relay Shield

Hello everyone,

last week I decided to renew preheating system of my car. The old system is over 20 years old, and it has become very unstable.

My goal is to control remotely this system, via LAN ofcourse. There are 3 cars which need to be warmed up before driving, so I need 3 relays for this. Now I have bought arduino uno r3, arduino ethernet shield, and anduino relay shield: I'm very new to this platform, and my question is, how do I control this relay shield over the I2C bus? There were no instructions included with the relay shield, and googling didn't help me at all. I know the basics of C and C++, but any help with this IC2 bus would be greatly appreciated.

Code hints, anyone? :~

Did you check the downloads section of the website? It looks like there is some example code you can download.