Need help with arduino bluetooth shield (seeedstudio)

Hi, im trying to control a servo with my smarthphone (andorid) with a bluetooth shield (seedstudio) my question is: using bluetooth spp app or something like that. i only want to press a button in the smarthphone, then the servo moves 180° thats all. how can i do that? code?

Well break it down into smaller steps.

  • Write a program to move a servo from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • Next add code to read from the serial monitor and if you read '0' move the servo to 0 degrees, if it is '1' move the servo to 180 degrees.
  • Now, change the code so that instead of reading from the serial monitor, setup the bluetooth device in setup with the receive pin 6 and transmit pin 7, and read from the SoftwareSerial. If you read '0', move the servo to 0 degrees, and '1' move it to 180 degrees.
  • Now get a bluetooth app on the phone. Some are fairly simple and you just type characters. Others allow you to create buttons, and when you press a button, it sends a string to the Arduino. I happen to use Bluetooth Controller, but there are various other apps.