need help with arduino gsm monitoring project -willing to pay for help.

hello everyone!
I would need some help with making my Arduino project and I’m willing to pay for the help.
I would need to build Arduino based GSM device with temperature sensors(I need 4 temperature sensors and I have to text the Arduino device and get the answer with temperature for each sensor-one sms with all 4 sensors reading) ,also I need the voltage monitoring for a 12 volt battery to know what’s the actual voltage on the battery( send text message to Arduino device and get the answer with actual voltage )also would be nice to get a text alerts to my cell phone if the voltage on the battery drops below 12 volts another thing would be to have at least 4 relays at least 10 amps to switch on and off devices with text messages and be able to check which one is on and which one off.

the last thing on this project would be to have GPS position send to my cell phone via text message when requested .

Also I would like to run this device out of 12 volt battery so probably i would need some kind of transformer that brings 12 volt down to whatever Arduino needs (9 volts)

I have some idea of puting electronics together so what I would need is a list of the parts that are needed for this project, some kind of instructions how to put it together… and all the codes (programs) to run it and controlit.

Thanks to everybody for reading this and please let me know if this project is doable and how much would be for helping me to build it.


I have developed a system like this for the automotive industry that controls vehicles through the GSM SMS. It also send an SMS to a specified phone if the vehicle battery fall below an acceptable level. to bring the voltage to the required for the Arduino I use a buck converter that will allow for a voltage as high as 24 and as low as 6 volts to driver the system. This can be built with a GSM shield sat on an Arduino Uno and some simple relay shields.

Have a look at my website and decide if you think i have what you need to do this job for you.

Cheers Pete.