need help with arduino micro

hello , i recently purchased a arduino micro for a project, but when i plug it in to my computer the chip gets really hot, then when i try to upload a sketch it turns off

thanks for future help

How are you connecting it? USB?


Yes I use usb

Unless you have something in addition to the USB cable connected to the Arduino Micro it should not be getting very hot. You might have a faulty unit. Is it an official Arduino (Made in Italy) or is it a clone? Clones are sometimes not tested and might have a solder fault. Looks at the board under a magnifier to see if you can spot any solder bridges.

Using a magnifying glasses or your cellphone’s camera, check for shorts in the board.

It's not a clone

There’s no solder bridges

I bought it at radioshak , so should I return it for another micro or an uno

Yes, if you can exchange it for another unit, do it. Yours is probably deffective.

At least you didn't buy it from an overseas e-store in Asia... if you had, you'd be $£%#@ed

Thanks for the help