Need help with Arduino UNO and GSM interfacing

I am doing a automation project to unlock door via SMS. I am using an Arduino UNO and SIM300 with a max232circuit in between. The GSM module to hyperterminal interaction is working, ARDUINO - MAX232 to hyperterminal is working. But when i combine them all, I don't get any result. I am using SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3) in my program. Is that the problem? Is it possible to create mySerial with another set of digital ports?

Please guide me as to what the problem is.

Thanks in advance, Anjitha.

Hi, SIM300 module has TX, RX pinouts. Connect them with UNO softwareSerial pins. connect the UNO RS232 port with PC via a BUFFO CONVERTER. It will be easier to understand if you kindly post the proper code you are having issues with.