Need help with ATmega32-16PU

Hi everyone.
I’m a newbie at electronic and this Arduino is new for me too
I’ve followed the instruction to build an Arduino at Instructables:

He said that I need an ATmega328 or 168.
Since in my place they don’t sell these thing, I bought an ATmega32-16PU instead
The ATmega328 has 28 pins, and this one has 40 pins, and I have no idea how to connect the pins
Could anyone help me out of this? Thank u very much
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Well, this is not going to work. In order to run arduino programs, the chip needs to be specially prepared with a bootloader program stored inside. So if you want to upload your program, the computer talks with the bootloader and the bootloader loads your program, like a blinking LED program. The instructable forgot to mention this part. A naked chip from atmel has no bootloader. I suspect your chip has no bootloader either. You will need to buy a chip with bootloader.

or just go to ebay and search atmega328 and bootloader. Should be less than USD10 including shipping.

Thanks, however. Unfortunately I am in Vietnam, where ordering online is REALLY annoying. So could you tell me what is the name of the bootloader, details about it so I can search in my local area. Thank you very much

You'll have to find a local store that knows about arduino. If they don't but they have ISP programmer, they can load the bootloader. Download arduino IDE you can find out. Search this forum for how to load a bootloader. I've never done it though.