Need Help with Bootloader. avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Helo, I've got from prototype on the breadboard to the point that I want to put everything into more permanent state. I own Arduino Mega 2560 and Arduino UNO. for my project I decided to use Atmega328P-PU because in order to program it, i could just prototype it on UNO, then just remove it from the UNO and solder it into my project. So I've ordered a couple of those, along with the IC sockets so removing 328 from UNO will be simlpy solution.

But then I've got to the point that I had to burn bootloader to the fresh 328 in order for it to accept the code from UNO.

everything worked about right... well almost... I think i was able to upload bootloader, and code (code works after uploading this way) by using this directions and then code works. But it does not let me upload the code only by using UNO, (like with original 328) I have to "Upload Using Programmer" from My Mega...

My ports are set correctly, board is set correctly as well, and everything work, with original 328 that was in my UNO, but when I switch to "fresh" IC, it does not let me upload to UNO anything.

I've spent whole day yesterday researching, issue, tried countless connection schematics, and nothing. Hope you guys will help me.

Thank you.

If you upload a sketch using “upload using programmer”, that will erase any bootloader that you might have uploaded prior to the sketch …

thanks for replay. now that makes sense... and today I've followed the same instruction as I posted and now everything works...

(sitting till 3am does not pays. :/)

I'm getting the same error on a Mini Pro. I have two, one works, the other one doesn't.

For the one that doesn't work: When I plug in the FTDI cable, the red light goes on. When I upload, the green light flashes twice, but then I get the error.

Before this started happening, I de-soldered the headers from the FTDI input (6 pins), and re-soldered new ones on the other side (angled pins now on top).

Could I have damaged the board when I did this, or could there be a short? I've tested pins to see if any have a closed circuit, but only the BLK and GND are closed (which I assume is correct as it does that on the board that works).

Any suggestions welcome... Thanks, J

I managed to find out a solution - I hope this helps someone, .
Remember, follow the basic logic of checking Serial ports and drivers before trying this…

I had two pro minis and one was not uploading. The led lights behaved identical, which lead me to believe that they were both working and the bootloader was installed on both units.

When I tested the continuity between the two RX pins on the board that was not uploading programs, I noticed that there was a break/fault. This was probably from me re-soldering connections and playing around.
I tried to re-solder the joints but that didn’t work.

I tested linking up the pins with a wire and presto, the code uploads.
I’ve attached pics of the wiring in-case it helps someone.