Need help with building custom lighting for photo booth

Good Afternoon,

I am looking to hire someone to help design and make a custom lighting setup for a photo booth project ...

The light will be circular and where I need the LEDs to shine is about a 2 inch wide space all around through a semi-gloss white plastic. It will be a 22 inch circle and I need a light to be controlled with the whole outside 2 inches to be lighted ...

Functions to include: Automatic fade or cycle through lights when not in photo booth mode When in photo booth mode ... have the circle act as a countdown to a sequence. Brightness of lights to be discussed

I also have other projects that could incorporate things as well ... please message me if interested!

Hi mixmastertoy,

Are you looking for help with the physical construction in addition to the code, or just some advice and component selection?


Looking for the best option for me ... Ill provide all the material and the person hired will make the first test unit and then if needed we can work out a price for 10 - 20 units at a time.

Ill provide all the material

That would certainly be easier if you and the victim (I mean volunteer) lived in the same vicinity (or country at least).