Need help with code from OpenEnergyMonitor (emonTX shield code)

Hey guys,

I'm trying to build a whole house energy monitor system using the OpenEnergyMonitor project. I got intrigued by watching this video and he also has links to his code and parts on the website.

In that video he has links for the Github site where the code is..

So I've been trying to make this work but it complains on the LcdBarGraph stuff. I'm not the most proficient coder but know enough to get me in trouble! XD I've posted comments on the video as well as on the OEM project site forum and no one responds.

I've made a version of the code that seems to compile but I'm waiting on my 4x20 line display to arrive.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've found that by taking out the LCD i2c and just putting in the LCD helped. But I still don't know if it works.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Take out the lcd entirely while you wait for it to come in and just use the serial port. Remove the thing that's giving you trouble right now and get the rest of it to work.

I did do that with my version that I supplied a link to. Well didn't take it all the way out, just changed LiquidCrystal_IC2 to just LiquidCrystal...

I was just asking if anybody had much experience with the LCDBarGraph because it doesn't like the INIT statement.

Thanks again!

P.S. My version does compile and boot.. and I can watch everything with the serial monitor.. I'd just like to have what is shown in the video :smiley: