Need help with communication 2x xbee

Hello peoples , I have problem with communication 2x xbee and arduino.

I need scan two buttons and potentiometer and this data send to first xbee....

Second xbee receive data and work with output (set coil on/off)

For me it's best send example program or link with tutorial....

THANKS for everything need help me

There is so much missing from your post that it is hard to know where to begin.

What kind of XBees? How have you configured them?

Are they attached to Arduinos? If so, you?

What code have you written?

For me it's best send example program

For us, it's best if YOU write the program(s). You will learn something. If we write it, you won't learn anything.

I use the components : 2x Xbee Pro S1 , 2x Arduino UNO ,

Configuration use from this example link:

I write code only simple function. Only send: Serial.write("xxx");

But I need write code which scanning 3 switches a 1 potentiometer send data to xbee. Next xbee receive data and do program (switch coil, switch led).

Oh, well, if you are not going to give concrete answers (with links to the hardware), I'm just going to move on.

I imagine that you followed some guide. I want to know what you actually did, though, and what code you are using.