Need help with comunication between tft and mega2560


I make my own mega board for my tft display.
I use TFT display with ILI 9488 controler.
The specification can finde on this site Serial SPI 3.5"TFT LCD Module in 320x480,OPTL TouchScreen,ILI9488

I use SPI comunication between controler and tft.
Now i have problem when i upload my code to my board I havnt anything on tft .

I use this pins for communication Screenshot by Lightshot you can see on photo.
This pin go to shifter and after shifter to mcu .

In software i use UTFT library
and I define my display UTFT myGLCD(ITDB32S,51,50,10,11);

Is problem with definition display or somthing else
Can some one help

Thank you