Need help with controlling motors and servos at same time [fixed]

good evening (sorry for my English but I will try),
I am a noob in electronics and I have a problem with my robotic project. I need to control 4 motors and a servo. To control the 4 motors I use two l293D in parallel but when I turn on the motors, I lose up to 2V in the main circuit and I can not turn on the servo. Yet I had learned that when the devices were connected in parallel then the tension in the main circuit does not fall right? Please help me

Can you show us a wiring diagram of how you have everything hooked up?
Pencil, paper and a camera are good enough if you include proper detail, like pin numbers.

Power supply problems are very common when using servos or motors. I want to see how you have done it.

yes sorry, here is the schematic Imgur: The magic of the Internet and I use a linear power supply

What voltage and current is the power supply set at? If the voltage is dropping it is possible that you have the current limiter set too low.

Also how is the power connected to the Arduino, which pins? Your picture seems to show GND and 5V but running the L293 on 5V isn't going to work well.


you were right I had some kind of current limiter. I turned it off and it works well now. Thank you ! :slight_smile: