Need help with creating new electronics for micro RC car

Hello, I recently bought a small and old vintage RC toy car that has all it's internals shot beyond repair so I was told replacing everything with arduino tech could be the best course of action. Problem is, I have no idea where to start, so I hope someone here could show me the ropes so to speak.
Some information about the car, it is small, it is roughly 57.4mm long with the actual PCB board being a smaller 19mm by 18mm square. It powers what it seems to be 3 stepper like motors which are approximately 12mm long cylinders. Everything is powered by a 1.2V 1/3AAA Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery 200mAh.
I hope making a new setup for this can be doable!

Start with posting pictures showing measurements and the manufacturer and model.
Sounds like a very cool project.

Well here is a photo of both sides of the board in question with the 3 little motors. Model

Manufacturer is TAKARA/TOMY and the RC car is the 1/144 scale Thunderbirds Recovery Vehicle 1.

I see a blue and a red wire going into the motor. Obviously they are not STEPPER motors. I also see plastic screw threads on the armature shaft. So the speed is greatly reduced and the torque multiplied to move something, possibly a gear attached to a wheel.
Do us all a favor and describe exactly what the car did and what you want it to do now.

The car had only two movements, forward and backwards. It ran on tank treads, so that's what the first two motors were for. They run parallel to each other and each operated their respective side of the vehicle's axle. The third motor moved a gear which operated a little hinge that fired 2 little spring loaded plastic suction cups.

The motors are brushed DC motors, and a small, very low voltage motor driver, like this one, should work fine.

Does the third motor require reversing it's direction?

Ah, no, the third motor does not require to reverse itself, it only goes one way.

Then the given controller module for the motors and a mosfet to control the gun motor and you are set.

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