Need help with digital airflow sensor

Hi guys,

I need help working on a digital airflow sensor with the following link

As far as i know, the address of this sensor is 49, but i received a comment saying that for the "read" bit i need to send 93rd instead. May i know how to deal with this?

I think you're looking for a general purpose I2C tutorial. Since there can be multiple devices on an I2C bus each device needs its own address ("49"); the "93" is just the byte you send to it to get it to send data back.

May i know how to write the code to "send to it to get it to send data back". Am really not sure about this part :frowning:

The datasheet you pointed to says:

For additional details on the use of Zephyr with digital output see the Technical Note “I2C Communications with Honeywell Digital Airflow Sensors”.

You can find that here: