Need help with diy midi controlleer + ws2812b

I have made the 16 buttons with 16 ws2812b leds on arduino leonardo, when i push button and the light not revice the note from button, anyone made this please help me

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I have made the 16 buttons midi controller with 16 ws2812b rgb leds on arduino pro micro, when i push the button with note C2, the rgb leds is not recive message from the note C2 of button on ableton to bright, i need help to to fix this. The rgb led can change the color by velocity.

Here is my code, i use button matrix from pin 2 - 8 and the pin of ws2812b arrays is pin 9:

#include <FastLED.h>
// Must be before Control Surface to enable FastLED features of Control Surface
#include <Control_Surface.h>

// Define the array of leds.
Array<CRGB, 16> leds = {};

// The data pin with the strip connected.
constexpr uint8_t ledpin = 9;

USBMIDI_Interface midi;

// The note numbers corresponding to the buttons in the matrix
const AddressMatrix<4, 4> addresses = {{
  {51, 47, 43, 39},
  {50, 46, 42, 38},
  {49, 45, 41, 37},
  {48, 44, 40, 36} 

NoteButtonMatrix<4, 4> buttonmatrix = {
  {2, 3, 4, 5}, // row pins
  {6, 7, 8, 9},    // column pins
  addresses,    // address matrix
  CHANNEL_3,    // channel and cable number

// Create a functor that maps the velocity and the index of a note to a color.
struct RainbowColorMapper {
  CHSV operator()(uint8_t velocity, uint8_t index) const {
    return CHSV(255 * index / leds.length, 255, 2 * velocity);

// Range from note 36 to 99 (= 36 + leds.length - 1)
NoteRangeFastLED<leds.length, RainbowColorMapper> midileds = {leds, {36, CHANNEL_3}};

void setup() {
  // See FastLED examples and documentation for more information.
  FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL, ledpin>(, leds.length);

void loop() {

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you can follow the tutorial from musicnerd to build a MDI controller

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