need help with drivers

hello guys, i just got an arduino uno for christmas and is now trying to connect it with my computer. So, when i connect it via usb, the drivers doesnt get install right away. so i try to do it manually via "device manager". when i try to update drivers, it just says "the best drivers are already installed". I really dont know what to do, any help is much apprecated.

- YouTube basically this is happening. (not me in the vid)

That video is not even for an Arduino !

First off do you know if its a genuine Arduino or a clone ?
Clones need drivers that are not included with the IDE !

You did install the IDE didnt you ?
Drivers for real arduinos are included in the install of the IDE !

If you are unsure about what you have take a look at the chip nearest the USB port and report back what it has on it.

Pic of the real thing attached.

first of, i have a real arduino.

so, let me explain, i purchased an arduino starter kit and got a manual with it. In it it says that if the drivers do not automatically install, i should do it manually. It says that i should find the "unknown" USB and update its drivers. When i try to do that, i get the same message as in the video, "the best driver is already installed".

maybe this is because i have 64 bit computer? does that matter?

64 bit does not matter.

You did install the IDE didnt you ?
Drivers for real arduinos are included in the install of the IDE !

okay then, do you know what might be the problem?


Third time I have asked this.

yes i have

Q1. Is this your own computer (not a loan or multiple user computer) ?
Q2. Is you profifle a secondary (no admin rights) or primary user (user with some admin rights)

  1. Unplug the Arduino from your computer.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Turn off any additional security you may have (McAfee / Norton etc)
  4. Open Device Manager
  5. Plug in the Arduino and make sure the cable is FULLY inserted into both the BOARD and a USB 2.0 port.

Keep an eye on Device Manager and report back.

yes, it is my own computer and i have full admin rights.

i did what you said and when i open device manager, an usb device show up under “USB-devices” and says “Unknown USB-Device (request for device description failed)”. (note that this quote is roughly translated as i have windows in a different language than english).

And you did use a USB 2.0 port ? (Some chipsets of USB 3.0 can cause occasional issues)

Also try other USB cables as it is not unknown for a USB cable to go bad very easily.

The following link is far a Leonardo but the process is the same.

When you get to the BROWSE FOR DRIVERS you need to navigate to the folder you installed the IDE to which is normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers" unless you installed it anywhere else.

yes, i can confirm that i have an usb 2.0

if you look at the manual driver guide, i can get all the way to the last step, but instead of it saying "Windows has successfully updated your driver software", it says "The best driver is already installed". That is the problem