Need help with first Arduino project.

This is my first Arduino project and need lot of help…

My goal for now is to be able to read data from LIS302 into Arduino Pro mini.

For this I have soldered header pins to Arduino board and LIS302DL board. Next, I made wire connections between Arduino and LIS302DL board.

I found a sketch to read LIS302 data and tried to load it, when I ran into several problems.

  1. Tried loading sketch (atmega168+LIS302)…taking forever to load…

“Uploading to I/O Board…”

Red messages appear in the bottom window…looks like something is not right.

Question: How to verify sketch is correctly loaded ?

  1. LIS302DL board does not have SCA pin at all !
    It does have MISO, MOSI, SCL, VCC, GND

Question: Is MOSI pin same as SCA ?

  1. Do I need LCD board as well ? or can I display x, y, z acceralation values on laptop/PC monitor ? which is easier (i.e., between LCD display vs. PC monitor )

Requirement is: Would like to see x, y, z values visually when the LIS302 is moved

Appreciate any help… Thanks.

please read the red message, it tells you whats going wron.

The Arduino pro mini has pins MISO, MOSI and SCK too

SCK Pin 9
MISO Pin 10
MOSI Pin11

if you change the program and put these values out over the serial port, you can read it on the PC Monitor. I Think LCD is more work.

good luck