Need help with Frequency......

My first post in this forum !!!
I am using Arduino along with WiFi shield to publish sensor data ( Connected to A0 is Temperature sensor, A1 is Heart Rate sensor, A2 is Spirometer) to web server.
All the sensors are of Vernier. I am done with temperature.
However I am unable to measure the Heart/ Respiratory rate as I have to measure the frequency first and then multiply it with 60 to do that.
Please help with frequency measurement (I do not want much precession) or else suggest any alternative to measure Heart and respiratory rate.

Hello coolguru34

Can you post links to the heart and respiratory sensors, please?

And do you have a program yet that reads values from these two sensors (even if it does not calculate frequency)? If so, please post it (inside code tags).

All the best


I do not want much precession

Then, quit stressing, and just make up numbers.

I think that that statement is rather stupid in light of the kind of data that you are measuring.

Keep a running average of the time (in minutes) between pulses for the last N pulses. Invert to obtain rate.