[Need Help] With GPS and GSM

Hello all,

I am working on a project where I need to send GPS Location to a web server for further processing. I am completely new on this. Surfing through the net I've learnt that I'll have to use a GPS Module for tracking and a GSM Module for sending the GPS location to the server. There will be no wifi so I am not thinking of any wifi module right now.

Now I need to know, if there are any GPS GSM combined module you can suggest with high accuracy, so I don't need to buy those separately? Or if I have to buy those separately, which modules will be best for the job? Small size module will be preferable.

This is my first post here. Thank you all for reading this with patience.

Do a search for SIM908. GSM/GPRS/GPS all in one. Depends on what you mean by small.

I'll look into it. Thanks a lot

SIM908 is not available in our country. Would you please suggest me another one? Or can you confirm is this one has built in GPS?

SIM900C Module


here is example code & purchase link. Hope it help to sort your problem

@AMPS-N: Does SIM900 come with GPS?

No, you will need a separate shield for gps.

Sorry for posting again and again. Will this work as all in one module?

Adafruit FONA 808 - Mini Cellular GSM + GPS Breakout

I have no experience of that product, or of the SIM808 in general.

However, from the illustrations and description it appears to be the type of thing you are looking for. It has antenna connections for both GSM and GPS.