Need help with GPS Tracking

I’ve been tinkering with one of the starter packages from Microcenter and while I am learning, I know I need help with my more advanced goals.

I’m hoping to hire someone that can help me decide which boards to buy and possibly write the codes for my projects.

First project. Have an arduino with a GPS module to track my equipment in case it’s lost or stolen. I’m not sure if I can draw power from the equipment itself or if it needs to have separate dedicated power.

Goal two - Vehicle tracking. Is it possible to have a gps and accelerometer to monitor speeding drivers?

Thank you.

The GPS is the easy part. Communicating the position to you when you are not near the equipment is the hard part.

An accelerometer is not needed. GPS will tell you the speed. Same problem with communicating the data.

Not sure I would go to the effort of building a Arduino based GPS tracker for your tracking requirements, there are plenty of ready built, low cost GPS trackers that will track your stuff and vehicles with tracking messages sent over the mobile phone networks.

I have seen a few but they require monthly subscriptions. I have approximately 40 items to track plus 3 vehicles and one trailer.

My other option was to look into Apple’s air tags but I don’t want my clients worrying about their privacy.

So what is the plan for receiving the tracking information ?

I’m open to options. My plan was to only use the last known data/ coordinates once I suspected that equipment was missing.

Thank you. I was hoping you would have said both parts were easy. Haha.

Building an an Arduino GPS tracker is dead easy, there is lots of published examples that you can use for free.

The real problem is getting the GPS location back from wherever the item is located and on that you have not been forthcoming with any information as the where these items or vehicles might be.

The only alternative that I can think of to the universally used mobile phone type subscription services, which appear to be too expensive for you, is the satellite based subscription services which are even more expensive.

You used to be able to buy mobile phone type SIM cards which had no credit expiry but these seem to be less common at the moment.

Good luck with your search.

I built an arduino gps tracker that saved the location on to an SD card every 60 seconds using the sd card shield.

That won’t help for missing equipment, but might work for vehicle tracking if you can retrieve it later.

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