need help with IC wiring

Hey guys so I am in the process of learning how to drive an 8x8 common anode matrix with 2xTLC5940 chip
Using a multiplexer (CD4051BE) to switch through rows and the super source driver (M54564P) to connect to the anodes

My idea is to use the atmega 328P chip to program but I am not so sure about where each pin of the TLC 5940 goes to what spot on the ATMEGA 328 chip and also where do I connect the A,B,C pins of the multiplexer to the ATMEGA chip.
I would appreciate the help, i am very new to electronics.

Here's a picture of what I am planning to do and the wiring I have done so far.

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I use three TLC chips and only multiplex 4:1 so that the LEDs are on for longer and so they are a bit brighter.

This project used just one for a 4 X 4 matrix:-

You can get the arduino / TLC connections I used. However it depends on what driver you are using as to what pins to use.

The CD4051 multiplexer is useless for that application. You need a demultiplexer instead, such as the 74HC238.

Be sure to take into account the voltage drop in the M54564P when you calculate the LED power supply voltage to use. Then calculate the power dissipation in the M54564P and in each TLC5940 to make sure they will not overheat.

Thanks for your input, Once i figure out where I want all the wiring to go, I want to test it.

Is there any simulation software for to test out this set-up?

Or is it better to just write some code in the atmega chip and see if I get the right output on the lights?

Is there any simulation software for to test out this set-up?