Need help with "KP42HM2-250"

I have got a stepper Motor driver “KP42HM2-250”. I want to know its pin out and how to run it.Please somebody help me. Thanks.


Hi, Have you googled the part number? It is not just a stepper but it has a driver board connected to it.

Have you googled the IC part number to check if they have application notes, they may show you the IC output connections and you can reverse engineer to get the stepper connections.

Tom... :)

Yes I could find out the connection of the motor, but i want to use the controller circuit(It has an output cable with 9wires, 8-blue and one orange) Stepping MOTOR CONTROLLER IC is TD62803P. Small IC (may be a Multivibrator) is 4538BF

Thank You!

Hi, You should be able to reverse engineer that board and with data about the IC work out how it can be controlled.

Have you googled the IC number?

I did, be surprised.. We are not here to spoon feed you information, you need to help to.

Tom... :)

Post a link to the datahseet for your stepper driver. I am not going searching for it.

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