Need help with lcd. Wird display?

Hello, im new here, and new to arduino, i got some coding expience from games and cc+ before. Now i connected my lcd up and it looked strange?

Heres a picture:

And yes, the cables is connected the right way. I've been looking for wrong connections and thats not the deal.

Please help :)

This happens when there is bad contact.

Bad contrakt you say, but it is connected well?

Hi, It looks like the LCD is not initialised! It's hard to see where all your LCD connections go, and what is rhat your holding in you hand??

Firstly we need a proper schematic or a good drawing of it, all labled up. Is VO connected to a pot? or resistor? have you tried adjusting it?

I see you have no LCD backlight connected, these blue displays can be difficult to see without, turning the contrast right up can hide the TEXT pixals...

Can we see and check your code!

Why did you post here??

Hope it helps. Regards