Need Help With Led & Key with Arduino Uno

Hi, I’m currently doing a school project and I need help figuring this out. I’m trying to use the Led & Key part to use as a counter for certain statistics. I’ve got it connected up to an Arduino Uno which is connected to the computer. I am having trouble finding code that will help me do the project properly. I am very new to code and I don’t understand much other than very basic terminology.

If anyone could help that’d be great.

The Led & Key module is very versatile. You need to decide what numbers you want to display on the 8 number readout, and what you purpose you want to assign to the push buttons. A lot of great information is on the internet like

and if you get more specific questions you should come back to the forum and ask. What you have asked so far is very limited and has very few options for specific answers.

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