Need help with LM335 Sensor!

Hi, Im trying to display temperature values from the LM335, using arduino uno and a 16x2 lcd. the code i use for scale the values of the analog input is:

temperatura = ((5.0/1024.0)/0.01)*adctemp) -273.0;

But I got high and wrong values, also if i increase the sensor temperature with a lighter, the number displayed on the lcd goes down, same happens if i only read the analog input of the Lm335 the value on the lcd goes down. I have read a lot of topics and examples about the connection and im sure im using the correct configuration (center pin node to R2.2k +v and to arduino analog input, right pin GND)

Can somebody help me please? Thank you!

Never heard of an LM335 . Googled it and came up empty.

The LM335 is an older sensor and officially named LM335A IIRC,

There is a library for the LM335A sensor here -,37544.0.html - Datasheet here - -

Post your whole sketch as this one liner does not show the error.