Need help with Maxuino and Saving PinModes

Hello everybody,

i am very new to Arduino, and since i don't know how to code but i am quite used to Max/MSP, i decided to go the Maxuino road. Basically, all i want to do is monitor digital and analog inputs in Max.

I can manage to do what i want with Maxuino (for instance, have a hardware switch controlling DIn 7) by selecting the PinMode on the GUI. if i try to set the PinMode directly to Maxuino (without using the GUI), i noticed that the PinModes are not what they are supposed to be :

0 is se 1 is out 2 is dI etc... Also, doing so seem to only set the display on the GUI, but not actually setting the PinMode, unlike when i do it directly on the GUI.

Anyway, this makes Maxuino unusable to me, since i cannot save the PinMode trustfully, but would need to set them manually with the GUI each time i open my patch.

i hope i am clear enough.

Many thanks for your help,


Well, i think it's mainly a display bug in the GUI, in the end.... Thanks anyway !