Need help with my code!!

Hi, I am new to the arduino world and trying to write a code that should generate a ttl pulse to control an air pressure regulator. Basically, 1. The pulse should go high/low respectively turning the regulator ON/OFF. 2. The duration I'm looking at for these ON/OFF cycles is about 6 s. Any advice on how to structure the code would be hugely appreciated and helpful :).

Thanks in advance!!

Sounds like digitalWrite and delay. What part is holding you up?

Well I was hoping to run it on a loop for about 6 cycles(ON/OFF) ,give a 30s delay and run it for 6 cycles again(ON/OFF).

Ok. Sounds like a for loop with digitalWrite and delay and then another delay. What part is holding you up?

Ok Thanks! Will try this out and hope it works :).