Need help with my counter

Hi guys i am working on my heart rate monitor project and i am having some difficultly with my counter. I am printing the bpm to the serial monitor and want to print the amount of seconds that have elapsed but this code just keeps printing 1’s for the counter… i have tried putting the code for the counter in the loop but when i do that it messes up the BPM’s… any ideas??

#include <SD.h>
#include <SPI.h>

float getBPM();
int getHeartbeat();
int getCount();

File myFile;

unsigned long startmillis=0; // declare startmillis in unsigned long data type, initial at zero
unsigned long lastmillis=0; // declare lastmililis in unsigned long data type, initial at zero
unsigned long calmillis=0; // declare calmillis in unsigned long data type, initial at zero

const int pin =2;
int state=0;

float bpms;
float heartdecect;
int time;

void setup()
Serial.begin(115200); // initial serial monitor at baud rate of 115200.For effectiveserial communication
time= getCount();

void loop() {

delay_x(5); // delay 5 milisecond


float getBPM()
float BPM=0; //

/* As sensor output >> particular threshold let say 512, the digital pin will count as 1
else will count as 0 */

/*millis() library function–> a counter that count how many milisecond has passed once serial monitor start */

while(digitalRead(2)==1) //as output equal to 1, last millis = startmillis. at intial =0. If dtect another logic high lastmililis wil store previous logic low millis() value
{ state=1;

while(digitalRead(2)==0) // startmilis() store value of millis() once it detect logic low(heart beat)
{ state=0;

calmillis=startmillis-lastmillis; // different of these 2 variable correpond to heartbeat interval
BPM=60000/calmillis; // relation between BPM and heartbeat interval

return BPM;

return counter;

void delay_x(uint32_t millis_delay)
uint16_t micros_now = (uint16_t)micros();

while (millis_delay > 0) {
if (((uint16_t)micros() - micros_now) >= 1000) {
micros_now += 1000;

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Can you post code that compiles? I do applaud you though for using function prototypes.