Need help with my motion sensing project, using the nrf23L01

Can you help? Need some guidance on how i'm supposed to write this program.

The main idea on on the project is that i wanted a wireless motion sensiong project, i have an arduino nano and a arduino uno that i want to use to do a 1-way communication with the nano sending sensor data to the uno (so the nano has a PIR Sensor (HC-SR501)+nrf24L01, and the uno just has an led+nrf24L01 ). So if the PIR sensor senses a person, the nano will send to the uno (using the nrf24L01) that its detected someone, and when the uno receives this positive, it would have a led lighting up

Can someone do a random dude a favor and write a program that can help accomplish what i want? Know it's a big favor to ask, and im not one toexpect anything, but a million well-wishes to anyone who does decide to help.

Thanks for even reading my post this far :>, hope you're having a great day