Need Help with Nodemcu

I want to send Int value" (from 0 to 255) from a browser (PC or Mobile via app) to Nodemcu Serial monitor.

can some one please help me with the code ??

When you say a browser do you mean a web page being served up from the NodeMCU ?
When you say Nodemcu Serial monitor do you mean the serail port of the NodeMCU ?

What serial port and what speeds ?

I can help with the code,what are you prepared to spend ?

Cheers Pete.

@Santiago1958 are you looking to pay for assistance with your code? The reason I ask is because this forum section is specifically used for offering paid work. People here on the forum are often willing to offer free help within reason, but if you're only looking for free help then this is a cross post of your other thread in the "Programming Questions" forum section and cross posting is against the forum rules.