Need help with object avoidance mop vehicle

I want to make an automatic mop for my school project,
that can perform task when button is pushed once and can display battery life using LCD display and can also avoid obstacles using an Ultrasound sensor.
Other than that, I'm using only one motor driver, can I use it to control 5 DC motors. Can I use only :

  1. 1x Arduino uno
  2. 1x motor driver l298n
  3. 5x DC motors ( the fifth one is for the mop)
  4. 1x LCD display
  5. 1x Ultrasound sensor

I also didn't know how to code for my project

I hoped that someone could help me, it would mean so much to me.

Thanks to whoever is reading this.

A march of a million miles, starts with the first step (grasshopper)!

You are trying to run before you can walk. Start with something more simple, write some code and modify examples to get a feel for it. Forget all your project ideas for the time being and just use LEDs to confirm it is doing what you want.

I don’t see how you’re going to operate 5 motors with one motor driver board.
(Ok. I guess that you can drive two DC motors with one l298 chip. Still…)

I also didn't know how to code for my project

I agree with @AJLElectronics

An easy way to get started with Arduinos is to study the example programs that come with the Arduino IDE. They probably cover most of the techniques you will need.

Then write short separate programs to learn how to use the different components for your project - the motor driver, the sensor the LCD etc

Planning and Implementing a Program


you can run 5 cars with one engine, you just need to take it out of one and put it into a different one.
so, just because you can do a thing, does not mean it is easy or the best way.

in order to use one driver to run multiple motors, you would need to add things like relays and isolate the motors not being used. the cost of relays is probably more than individual drivers. is it possible ? is it wise ?

your project sounds much like the auto sensing car projects that are available in kits and have lots and lots of turorials.
so, getting the vehicle to move and avoid things has been done and well documented. start there.

adding the 'mop' really is not hard.

look at robot vacuum cleaners and robot lawn mowers to see how they move over an area and don't miss parts of the area.

To be honest and blunt, this is a HUGE project. It is not a beginner project, but once you follow the tutorials of the car avoidance part, you will have learned a lot. It is really a lot of smaller projects that add on to each other but the whole thing would fit into the 'advanced' category and not a beginner category. Actually, 'advanced' usually means lots of 'beginner' project, done one at a time and build up on each other.


read How to Use this Forum. it is a sticky post on the top of every forum.

it talks about useful subject lines. and can guarantee that anyone wanting to know about avoidance cars and mops will not search for 'stressed out'

to fix, go to your first post, and on the bottom right is the other/modify, and put in a useful subject line like 'need help with object avoidance mop vehicle'

Arduino is a hobby -- no reason to be stressed out.

Start simple, work your way up and enjoy learning about something new.

Thanks for all the responds and I will try my best to finish my school project

Other than that, I followed this video to make this project
Is this video correct on how to make an automatic mop?
The URL :


I saw in the video that the guy was using 1 Motor driver l298 to power not 4 but 5 (maybe for the mop) DC motor.
And I'm confused bcs I heard that the l298 motor driver can only power 2 DC motor


2 motors as 1.PNG

OK thx by the way

the motor that spins the pad comes on the the power comes on.
and it keeps spining when the wheels stop at a wall.