Need help with PH7.62 16*32 RGB Full Color LED Dot Matrix

I need some help coming up with some code. I have controlled LED’s with multiple 74HC595 and using the bits and mask. But what I want to control is a prefabbed LED panel but I can only get one color and cant get it to change. I am trying to find the code I wrote a while back to post it and if you open the attachment that is all the information I could find.

LEDisplay.doc (195 KB)

We need to know how you have wired it up so post a schematic. Also post the code you have so far.

This looks very similar to the RGB LED display offered by adafruit: They also provide a tutorial here:

Yes, it is the same exact one. I found the adafruit tutorial right after Grumpy_Mike posted. Thanks for the help anyways.