Need help with photocells

Hi, I'm new to the arduino, I have 10 photoresistors and wanted to connect them to the arduino through one digital input. I also wanted to know if I the sensors values could be input as a string, for example 1010101010. Please let me know what I'll need to use. I've been reading about i2c and multiplexing chips but not sure what's the best.

Never heard of an I2C Photoresistor.....(?) They are analog. You'll need to analog read the voltage across the PR to get any meaningful result. if you tie a PR to a digital pin and tie the other end to: 1) ground, you'll get a digital zero; 2) +V, you'll get a digital one, when you read the digital pin. Seems you might do well to do some more reading.

Photoresistors have a variable resistance, depending on the amount of light falling onto their active surface.

You measure the light by measuring the analog voltage across the device, using the analog input of the arduino. It is not a digital, on-off, signal, unless you build some kind of external circuit to create such a signal.

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