Need help with Pixy- Arduino PWM program

So i'm working on a school project with an intertek Scorbot er-4u, a pixy camera ,and an arduino mega 2560 board , the the controller USB connected the Scorbot to the compter has 8 digital inputs , 4 true analog inputs, and doesn't accept PWM, I downloaded this program from the pixy wiki forums. file:///Users/eranzohar/Downloads/pixy_1_object/pixy_1_object.ino
The idea is that the pixy will get the x, y position of an object, and with the arduino transfer it to the scorbot via controller usb. So if someone out there could help me rewrite the program as a version,( fyi i have no experience with arduino or IDE) in which arduino doesn't convert/transfer the data into PWM but as a digital or true analog, it would really help

Maybe try editing that post, try some full-stops (periods) and some line-breaks?

I took your advice and made my post i bit more understandable. thx

Xpositie=int(float(pixy.blocks[j].x/3194095)); //Here the X-position of 0 to 319 is transformed to 0 to 4095 for the analogue output DAC0 of the arduino due.
4095)); //Here the Y-position of 0 to 199 is transformed to 0 to 4095 for the analogue output DAC1 of the arduino due.
analogWrite(,Xpositie);//The transformed X-position is here outputted to DAC0
analogWrite(DAC1,Ypositie);//The transformed Y-position is here outputted to DAC1

What exactly do you mean by "digital output" ?