Need help with power consumption of arduino + sensors

Can anyone tell me what would be consumption of Arduino Nano + INA219 + ds18b20 temp sensor + 0.96inch OLED. What I can find in datasheets OLED is 20mA max, INA219 sheet says 1mA max (is it correct ?), Nano around 35mA in idle and 280mA max. Now I cant find anything for ds18b20, can anyone help with ds18b20 and INA219 consumption please, thanks.

Ok I have found data for ds18b20, its 1,2mA. So i can rest assured that my nano can power these sensors and display with its own regulator.

Save for a few exceptions (such as the MQ gas sensors), as a rule sensors can be powered by the Arduino directly.

Small displays in general can be powered by the Arduino as well. Do make sure you power them at the correct voltage.