need help with pressure sensor.. range question

So I'm measuring weight of people for this installation I'm working on, and all the sensors I find are in kpa, but I need some help. I've heard an average human is somewhere around 50kpa. Has anyone worked with measuring human weight in an installation before?

Also does anyone know of any really cheap weight/pressure sensors? I could circumvent the need for accurate weight measurement if it's too expensive...

You could always use the Wii fit platform that is hackable and has a weight measuring capability

i'm also interested in using pressure sensors in an installation. any advice about where to find more information about hacking the wii fit for this purpose? my goal is to use pressure on different numbers of sensors to make audio play. for example: pressure on 1 sensor plays one track where as 3 people on 3 different sensors would make a different audio track play? thanks

Most likely, pressure sensor that outputs result in kPa related to atmospheric / air pressure.

You've got a units problem if you're converting between Kpa (force * area) to pounds (force). 50Kpa is ~7 PSI; that's probably about right for a human as it's describing the pressure exerted by each square inch of the person's foot. As another example, you might inflate your car tires to ~35 PSI but it's pretty clear your car doesn't weigh 35 pounds.