Need help with programming this EL125 HK RFID reader

Hey all! I recently purchased an EL125 HK RFID reader, and I have a few questions about this thing, as I am entirely new to Arduino RFID programming.

My first is this, how do I properly connect this thing to an Arduino UNO, and how do I make it so it lights up an LED on a breadboard as the output?

My second one is this, how do I program in just one tag, meaning it will only accept one tag, (I'm gonna use the coin tag) and it rejects all others?

My third one is this, You know how on the MFCR522 reader there's a program that'll let you scan a tag continuously, meaning that the LED will light up for as long as the tag is held over the reader, and it shuts off if the tag is removed from the scanner. Well, the project I'm working on requires the RFID circuit to do just that, as it acts like a wireless burglar alarm magnet, only I chose the EL125 reader because it has a much higher range and it can read through walls while the MFCR522 can't. I'm wondering if the read continuously code done with the MFCR522 can be done with the EL125, and if so, what is the correct programming to make it do so? Thank you all for your time, and any help with this is greatly appreciated!

Where from and what sort of reader did you buy. There are five different types all answering to the name EL125 HK RFID reader. However, there is very little other information about it.

Its the EL125 from Electro Dragon

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A link to where you bought it so we can find the exact device would help.
As @Grumpy_Mike has commented, which EL125 HK?
Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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I was rather expecting a link here to what you bought rather than a store name I have never heard of.