Need help with programming new to arduino. please help me finish my project .am not sure if this is the right place to ask,this is what i want to do.sorry for my bad English.i wont be able to program this myself .please help

  1. Initialize LCD
  2. Show welcome screen on LCD
  3. Show set analog pin A2 show the value on display
  4. Show to press switch to start the program on LCD
  5. When pressing a button an external counter 1 will start which will give digital input to Arduino digital pin 1 after finishing 1 min and to start another external counter 2
  6. When the external input reaches the following program should start ,LCD should show program started ,LCD should give analog pin A0 values in the display
  7. When external counter 2 reaches preset it will give digital signal to digital pin 2 and that should stop the program when the program stops it should show on the display
  8. Compare current value of the A1 with A2 preset if it is greater than 90 % show pass otherwise failed Program

int LDR_Pin = A0; int row = 0; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); // opens serial port, sets data rate to 9600 bps Serial.println("CLEARDATA"); Serial.println("LABEL,Time,LDR_Read"); }

void loop() { int LDRReading = analogRead(LDR_Pin); Serial.print("DATA,TIME,");Serial.println(LDRReading); row++; LDRReading++;

delay(100); }

Sounds like an assignment. When do we have to hand it in?

Please get into the habit of using code tags when posting code.

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TomGeorge: Hi, Please do not cross post.. Tom... :)


Vipinonline: i wont be able to program this myself

If you want someone to write the program for you then you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section and be prepared to pay.

If you want help with writing it yourself this is the place.

Start your learning by writing short programs to do each part separately (display a message on the LCD, read an analog input and display it on the serial monitor, detect a button press etc). When you can do each part separately it will be time to join them together.

I suggest you leave the LCD code until last as it will just confuse other parts.

Have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program