Need help with project watch cleaner

Hi im trying to make a watch parts washer for one of my hobbys. It needs to turn a motor one way for four seconds and stop and reverse for four seconds and continue forward or backewards for 10 then needs to have a higher spin speed to dry
Then a switch to start a heater with slow spin for 2 min. Can this be done and if so what parts would i need to purchase.i have a uno but im yet to learn to program

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Post your sketch, well formated, with comments and in so called code tags "</>" to see how we can help.
Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.


How fast? How much torque? Do you need precise control over the position and speed or just have it turn one way then the other without caring exactly how much and how fast?

How much power for the heater? What voltage?

Start learning to program, use the examples in the IDE, on this website and elsewhere on the internet. Read the questions on here as many of the answers contain good advice for beginners. As this is a motor related project you could start here: Motors, Mechanics, Power and CNC - Arduino Forum

Do you understand electronics?

The first thing you need to do is sort out the parts to build the hardware you want to use - the parts for the washer , motor etc , build it , then you can decide how to control them and what your code should look like .

Meanwhile you can look and play with some of the relevant code examples - such as motor control .

Hi @jds121
Your need can be divided into 2 questions:

  1. Do you simply want to do the project and that's it, or;
  2. You want to do the project by learning to program Arduino.

If this is the first case, I recommend you to post your needs on

If it's the 2nd. In this case, I recommend looking on the web for examples of
projects using state machine.

Then write your project, and if you have difficulty post here that many will help you.

I would pick 12V for the power supply. PC supplies are cheap and plentiful.

You will need a 12V motor and an H-Bridge driver with PWM speed control. That will give you the slow forward, back, and high-speed spin.

For drying, you will need something like a 12V hair dryer. You can get one from Amazon for under $20.
You can use either a relay or MOSFET to switch it on and off.

I'm going to go a little against the grain here and say don't buy anything except the arduino. I work with a lot of people, helping them build their projects and I see this a lot. Someone buys a bunch of parts, gets in over their head and either needs to get paid help or abandons the project.

Get an arduino and learn how to program it. You can write the entire program for this without needing any other hardware. Once you establish that you like doing this and you have learned how to do it, then go out and buy a motor, motor driver, heater, etc...

When you get to that point, if you get stuck again, there will be lots of people here to help.

And don't buy a UNO unless you propose to use it with matching "shields". :astonished: A Nano and a breadboard are far more practical.

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