need help with project, will pay

I need some help with a project that I have and will pay for someone to work with me. I'll give description.
I want to make a remote panel to control spa equipment.
at present there is a control panel on the system that uses 12 volt relays to turn on each motor and there are thermistors in place that reads the ambient temp and water temp.
I would like an arduino board that would be able to read the thermistors and transmit back to the control panel. i would like to have a small lcd screen (16x2 or maybe 20x4?) to read the current temp and display each motor status . I would like to have 5 buttons on the remote , 2 of which would move set temp up or down as needed and three buttons that cycle the motors off and on, 1 main pump button, each press pulls high or low depending on current state, 1 jet pump button that does the same and 1 blower button that again does the same, remote needs to be wireless needs to be accurate for at least 100 feet and needs to be capable of communicating through 2 walls one of which is 1 inch stone tile. bluetooth would be fine if it has these capabilities. would like to keep the remote panel as small and thin as possible, preferably not much larger that the lcd screen plus the button arrangement, maybe a pro mini could handle this?.. there are no constraints as to size of the board used at the control end ie uno or mega either would be fine. I would need some help or direction for the electronics side as well as the sketch side. i'm not totally electronics illiterate and I have quite a few arduino boards to play around with. uno, mega and leonardo and have a pro mini on the way , so some basic help with wiring schemes and sketches will get me moving in the right direction.