Need Help with Project

i just bought an arduino starter kit for one of my project in college. My group is making an automatic fish feeder. It will feed the fish everyday 2-3 times. I am using a stepper motor somehow attached with an auger bit to push the fish food outside. The problem is i have no idea on how to program it. I got started with some basic programming but cant find one that will make the motor start on its own with 5 hours interval~18000000 milliseconds. Any help would be appreciated. THank you!!

I agree, you probably will NOT find one that starts a stepper motor every 5 hours.

You will find, in the Arduino examples, something that start and stops a stepper motor. Something that will do a long delay (which you can adjust so it is 5 hours).

Your job - your project - is to combine these bits and adjust the values so they match your need.

Man, I just googled "Arduino fish feeder" and got 9600+ results. I looked at one and it's exactly what you're looking for. lazy are you? lazy are you?

Well, he (or she) IS a college student.